We believe that it is only possible to achieve the global climate targets, if every industry and every company finds and develops solutions to minimise its carbon footprint and integrates them into its core business. The goal is to transform our economy by developing a circular system with respect and cooperation to social and environmental justice. Therefore we offer Low Impact Productions to support our clients in reaching their inhouse sustainability goals by reducing the output of CO2 emissions. Additionally we plan to collaborate with environmental organizations to actively support them.


Our productions are modeled using the Green Production Guide to ensure a more sustainable working process. In line with our clients expectations, we are working on reducing the environmental impact of our operations to an absolute minimum. Additionally, we work internally with our Sustainability Guidelines, which communicates our values of cooperation with our business partners. As there will be CO2 emissions we are not able to reduce, we contribute 5% of our production fee to carbon removal by CUR8. We are working on reporting our carbon footprint by measuring our activities throughout our business operations, and developing methods to share these solutions. By request, we offer this service to our clients by delivering a production report that measures the CO2 emissions of the requested production. Enabling a transparent overview of the projects individual carbon footprint.


Working with local artists in an honest, respectful and welcoming social environment with equality is one of our core principles. Alongside this, we prioritise the use of natural materials within our productions and implement the use of low emission transport with a focus on precise waste management. We value locally sourced organic and vegan/vegetarian catering, and are always looking for innovative approaches to implement within our projects to optimise our sustainable practices.


We are working on collaborations with social and environmental organisations to actively support them, and are always seeking new opportunities. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate on projects for which you can see potential in the participation of Souvenir Collective and our services.